​“The IHI community is what truly drives my involvement with quality. It is quickly apparent that medicine is a team sport, and quality improvement is no different. Having the IHI community to turn to for advice and support is invaluable as I work to further these goals at my institution and implement QI in my medical school curriculum.”
-  Lakshman Swamy, IHI Open School Midwest Regional Leader

Find or Create a Chapter


Step 1: Does an IHI Open School Chapter already exist at your institution? IF YOU'RE UNSURE, Check our Chapter MAP

Yes: To contact the Chapter Leader on your campus or in your institution, email your name, discipline, and university/organization to openschool@ihi.org.
No: Start a new Chapter! 

​Step 2: Define Leadership Roles

Chapter Leader Role and Responsibilities

Anyone willing to help form and lead the Chapter can be the Chapter Leader. Students or residents usually lead Chapters, although faculty and deans can also serve the role. Chapter Leaders: 

  • Recruit students and faculty.
  • Facilitate events and activities that provide learning and networking opportunities.
  • Connect with other Chapter Leaders, locally and internationally, to share ideas and best practices.
  • Advocate for patient safety and quality topics to be included in their formal curriculum.

Faculty Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty Advisors are faculty members, attendings, professors, deans, employers, or anyone willing to advise and support the Chapter. If possible, the Faculty Advisor should have a permanent position at the organization to promote continuity within the Chapter. Faculty Advisors:

  • Advocate for the Chapter as an organization officially recognized by the institution’s administration. To support this aim, offer advice about — and ways to obtain — funding for Chapter activities.
  • Participate in Chapter meetings — for example, facilitate discussions about videos or case studies.
  • Assist with planning activities, as needed.
  • Help the Chapter Leader ensure continuity of the Chapter over time (i.e., transfer of Chapter Leadership from year to year).
  • Identify local opportunities for students to work on patient safety and quality improvement projects and initiatives.

Step 3: Enroll a New Chapter 

SubmitForm.pngTo be recognized as an IHI Open School Chapter, you must complete the Chapter Enrollment Form. The form asks you to explain why you are starting a Chapter, the disciplines represented in your Chapter, and the contact information for the primary and secondary contacts for your Chapter (which can be Chapter Leaders or Faculty Advisors). Once you have submitted your enrollment form, you will receive:
  • A welcome email from us confirming your registration as an IHI Open School Chapter and suggestions to help you get started.
  • Announcement of your Chapter in our weekly newsletter.
  • Inclusion in our online Chapter directory.
  • Access to our Chapter Leader and/or Faculty listservs so that you will be able to communicate with the rest of the IHI Open School community members.

Step 4: Get Started and Stay Active! 

Check out the Chapter Development Page for resources to help get your Chapter started!

To maintain active IHI Open School Chapter membership and status:

  • Submit an annual Chapter Progress Report to inform the IHI Open School and the community about your activities, and provide suggestions for future activities.
  • Convene your Chapter members.
  • Maintain a core leadership team of Chapter Leader(s) and Faculty Advisor(s).
  • Update the IHI Open School on leadership successions and transitions (include name, title, and contact information).
  • Share updates and news about your Chapter's activity, events, and leadership by emailing openschool@ihi.org.