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​​​​​​​​The IHI Open School Community is a diverse group of students, residents, faculty members and health professionals. Whether you're a Chapter member or not —you've come to the right place to connect. 
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Global Chapter Leaders are key to the IHI Open School's efforts to support our ever-growing Chapter Network, creating a sense of identity and belonging to our community and mission, and strengthening the commitment of our change agents to improve health and health care worldwide.

This group of dedicated former and current Chapter Leaders facilitate the ongoing development of Chapters around the world – coaching them as they build their leadership capacity and expand their efforts and impact locally. To effectively and efficiently work toward this goal, the larger Global Chapter Leader Team is divided into three sub-teams:

New Chapter Coaching Team
New Chapter Coaches welcome, guide, and support IHI Open School Chapter Leaders to success through their first 12 months as they establish a new Chapter or re-energize an old Chapter after a period of stagnation. Looking for help getting your Chapter activated? Reach out to the team at

Armand Tiam 2.jpg ​Njimafo (Armand) Tiam, MD
Armand is a general practitioner working in CBC Health Services in Douala, Cameroon. He has completed his medical degree with the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar), during which he was involved with the IHI O​pen School. He has led several organizing projects there and has founded the first IHI Open School Chapter of Madagascar. He has served as a New Chapter Coach for the Open School since August of 2017 and is very excited to again bring his support to new Chapters as they build their own capacities locally​. 
Katie Carnegie 2.jpg ​Katie Carnegie
Katie is currently in her final year of medical school in Cardiff, Wales, and has a degree in biochemistry. She has been involved in quality improvement since her first year of university, having acted as a Chapter Leader for two years. This summer, she ran a project with stakeholders of the medical school and regi​onal health board to integrate the aims of a QI project into the curriculum. Katie worked to ensure that medical and healthcare professions students could understand their own power and capacity to shape their clinical environments. Katie feels strongly that healthcare leaders can be empowered to reach a common vision with quality improvement and leadership education. 

​Amar Latchman​
Amar is a Project Coordinator at Apotex Inc. for Global Product Serialization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been involved in the Open School since 2016 when he started the Chapter at Ryerson University where he was Chapter President. At Ryerson, Amar is currently pursuing his Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering. He is Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified. Quality Improvement is something Amar strives for in his work and his own self-improvement. He currently looks for solutions in the supply chain to secure products from counterfeiting and help create more efficient and easier access for downstream patients. Amar's past QI projects include the restructuring of accessibility services and devices such as wheelchairs and first aid kits at the Ryerson Student Services Centre and data stewardship for therapeutic drug classifications within Apotex's commercial databases. Amar is passionate about finding new methods to improve health care. 

Sara Moraes 2.jpg 

​Sara Moraes, MD
Sara is a Brazilian physician. She works in a public teaching hospital in the Emergency Department in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, where she also lives. She had her first contact with the IHI in 2015 when she began her master's degree in Health Management and Patient Safety. Since then, she has focused her research and studies on the concepts and tools used to improve safety and quality in her area. She believes that improving processes and flows is fundamental to the advancement of health care, especially where health investments are insufficient. She was one of the founding leaders of the IHI Open School Chapter Hospital das Clínicas of the Federal University of Minas Gerais.​ Currently, she works with other Chapter Leaders of her country to spread the Open School courses in Portuguese and expand the number of Chapters not only in Brazil, but also in other Portuguese-speaking countries. 
​Tori Scholl, MPA
Tori is a Project Assistant at HealthInsight Oregon, a healthcare quality improvement organization located in Portland, Oregon. She recently earned her MPA in Health Administration from Portland State University, where she also spent two years serving as Co-President of the PSU & OHSU Chapter (2016 - 2018). During that time, she had the privilege of attending the Open School's summer Leadership Academy in Boston, Massachusetts, and completed the 10-week Leadership & Organizing for Change course with fellow Chapter Leaders. She also presented a storyboard at the 2017 National Forum and will be helping facilitate a Learning Lab at the 2018 National Forum. Tori is excited to share her own successes and challenges as a Chapter Leader to support new Chapters in their endeavors. 

Global Chapter Coaching Team
Global Chapter Coaches develop and maintain personal connections with established Chapters (e.g. those that have been active for more than one year), providing ongoing support and coaching to increase the leadership capacity and activity of the Chapter over time. Looking for advice around curriculum integration, leading project work, or sustaining Chapter membership, structure, and activities? Email the team to set-up a coaching call at  

Becca Engels 2.png ​Becca Engels, MD, MPH
Becca is a resident physician in the J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She completed both her Medical Degree and Masters in Public Health (MPH) at Emory University. She specifically studied health policy during her MPH where she completed a practicum incorporating quality improvement skills at a clinic that provided free healthcare to refugees, uninsured, and underinsured populations in greater Atlanta. She previously served as co-president of the Emory University Open School Chapter, which was one of the most rewarding aspects of her graduate school experience. She is very excited to continue working on interdisciplinary teams through IHI and the Open School to focus on QI to positively impact health care and patient outcomes.
Julie Finnigan 2.jpg​Julie Finnigan, BSc
Julie is currently completing a Masters in Applied Health Science at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada. She has been a member of the Brock IHI Open School Chapter since 2016 and has served as a Chapter Leader since 2017. She has spent the past two years working on a project to improve patient outcomes during care transitions from acute to long-term care facilities. Julie is passionate about engaging future and existing healthcare professionals in quality improvement and connecting them with resources for enacting change. She is very excited to be part of the Global Chapter Coaching Team this year and hopes to positively impact the lives of patients and healthcare providers around the world. 
​Florencia Koch, MD, CLE
Florencia is an internal medicine physician in Tucuman, Argentina. She has been committed to quality and patient safety for the past ten years. She has a masters degree in clinical effectiveness and works at a public hospital in Tucuman as the Quality committee coordinator there. She leads an Open School Chapter and is passionate about spreading the science of improvement and patient safety concepts among young people. She also works at the School of Medicine as an internal medicine professor. 
Jennifer Mandelbaum, MPH
Jennifer is a PhD student in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health. She completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) at Yale University, where she worked on a variety of research projects in global health, including a case study on community-based interventions to reduce childhood obesity in Brazil. Jennifer currently serves as co-president of the University of South Carolina Open School Chapter, where she has focused on increasing opportunities for students to engage in quality improvement work. She is looking forward to helping other Open School Chapters expand their impact and ensure their sustainability. 
​​Livia Pedrilio 3.png​​Livia Pedrilio, MSN, MBA
Livia received a Master's degree in nursing from the University of Sã​o Paulo - Brazil. She has a post-degree in Quality Management and an MBA in Health Administration. She has professional experience in Primary and Maternal-Child Care and currently works with Risk Management and Patient Safety at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein as a consultant of Strategic Programs in Quality and Patient Safety, a strategic partner of IHI in Brazil. She has also completed the Improvement Advisor program through IHI. In addition, she serves as Chapter Leader for the Chapter at Albert Einstein and is leading the development and growth of Open School courses in Portuguese along with other Brazilian Chapters. 
Kevin Shah 3.jpg Kevin Pankaj Shah
Kevin is a fourth-year MD student at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston, Texas. He initially became involved with quality improvement initiatives through an internship at MD Anderson Cancer Center with the Institute for Cancer Care Innovation. Kevin joined the IHI Open School Chapter in fall of 2015 during his first year of medical school and has served in various roles since that time, including two years as the Chapter's co-president. He is looking forward to the opportunity to work alongside Chapter Leaders and assist them in achieving their goals. Kevin is currently applying to Internal Medicine residency and hopes to work in both a clinical and administrative capacity throughout his career to improve the value of care delivered to patients. 

Chapter Network Coaching Team
Chapter Network Coaches create opportunities for connectivity and collaboration so that leaders may develop a greater sense of identity, community, and feeling of belonging within the IHI Open School Chapter Network. Looking to connect with others doing similar work and with best practices to share? Curious when the next network-wide call will be? Email the team at

Meghan Cowden 2.png

Kristen Swain.jpg
​​Meghan Cowden, RN
​Meghan is a registered nurse in Madison, Wisconsin. As a graduate from Purdue's School of Nursing, she is a med​ical nurse at a large teaching hospital. Meghan is one of the founding leaders of the IHI Open School Purdue Chapter and has been actively involved since 2015. Through her work as a nurse and with the IHI Open School, Meghan finds that she is able to positively impact the lives of patients and their families every single day in a way that is meaningful and rewarding. 


​​Kristen Swain, RN, BSN

​Kristen is a registered nurse who has worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years and is currently pursuing a healthcare MBA. As a travel nurse, she has worked at 9 different hospitals on the East and West coasts of the US. She also volunteers abroad with a non-profit organization that performs maxilo-facial surgeries for children. As a travel nurse, Kristen was exposed to the complexities and disparities of the healthcare system and became passionate about making changes to improve care delivery. She became involved with the IHI Open School in 2016 to learn about the model for improvement, then took the Leadership and Organizing for Change course in 2017 and applied the concepts she learned to help re-launch the IHI Open School Chapters at both Suffolk University and the Lahey Clinic. Her involvement has helped guide her to her curent role as a Project Manager in Performance Improvement Operations for a health system in Boston, MA where she continues to develop as a change agent and aspiring leader in the healthcare industry. 

IHI Change Agent of the Year

The ​IHI Open School celebrates the change agents and leaders within the Chapter Network through the annual Change Agent of the Year award. Each year, one exemplary student or trainee will receive the award based on their demonstrated knowledge and application of improvement science, community organizing, and leadership within their IHI Open School Chapter or local community.

  • Read more about the 2017 winner, Sherry Liang, a medical student and co-president of the Portland State University and Oregon Health & Science University IHI Open School Chapter here.

  • Read more about the 2018 winner, Jenna Smith-Forrester, a medical student at the University of British Columbia and former Chapter Leader, here.
  • Join us in celebrating the 2019 winner of the Change Agent of the Year Award, Professor Preethi, Dean of Chitkara School of Health Sciences. Professor Preethi won the Change Agent of the Year Award for her incredible engagement with the Change the Narrative Challenge of the Recover Hope Campaign.

IHI Open School Team

 Carly Strang, Executive Director
 Jessica Perlo, MPH, Network Director

 Mike Briddon, Editorial Director

GDeitz Gina Deitz, Community ​Manager

LFinkSmall.jpg Becka Desmidt, Community Manager

LFinkSmall.jpg Laura Fink, Senior Managing Editor

StephG.png Stephanie Garry Garfunkel, Managing Editor

 Andy Jacaruso, Content Project Manager

Kyumon Murrell.JPG Kyumon Murrell, Project Assistant

IHI Open School Advisors 

IHI Open School Faculty Network Advisor


Wendy Madigosky, MD, MSPH, Director, Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum; University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus School of Medicine
IHI Open School Academic Advisor


James Moses, MD, MPH
, Medical Director of Quality Improvement, Boston Medical Center


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