Chapter Event Sponsorship

The IHI Open School sets aside a small amount of funding to support our Chapter Network annually. This modest funding is meant to help offset the costs of Chapters' events – such as recruitment meetings, quality improvement training opportunities and events, and project-based work in the community – and support their efforts to spread improvement skills. ​​​

Submit an application for your Chapter  
Applications for Chapter events occuring between August 2020 and July 2021 are due on Friday, September 25, 2020.

 Frequently Asked Questions
What are the deadlines to apply and submit receipts for reimbursements?
 See below for the 2020-2021 Chapter event sponsorship deadlines:
Application deadline: Friday, September 25, 2020
Chapters notified by: Frida​y, October 9, 2020
Event timeline: August 2020 - July 2021
Receipts due by: Friday, July 30, 2021

Who qualifies for event sponsorship? 

IHI Open School Chapters are members in our Chapter Network and therefore qualify and should apply. Please note that Chapters are different from course subscribers. Additionally, qualifying for funding does not automatically grant you the sponsorship you request.

Is funding guaranteed for every Chapter that applies? 

No. Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications we receive and the limited funds we have to offer, we are not able to guarantee that every Chapter will receive funding​. 

Do any IHI Open School Chapters receive preference in the selection process? 

The IHI Open School considers all applications that are submitted, paying special attention to applications:

  • From new Chapters and Chapters who have not recently received funding.
  • Applicants who have submitted their annual Chapter Progress Report, with the understanding that this may not have been feasible for new and transitioning Chapters. 
  • Chapter whose members are engaging with IHI Open School courses.
  • Chapters whose events are focused around the three key pillars of the Open School strategy:
    • Community: Building your Chapter and community of improvers locally.
    • Content and Skill Building: Further developing your Chapter's skills in quality improvement and leadership through IHI Open School courses, case studies, lectures, and so on.
    • Project-Based Learning: Opportunities for members to practice and apply quality improvement and leadership skills in project work locally.

It's helpful for us to know what the funds will support. Be as specific as you can to help us understand the importance of the event and the expenses that you would like funding to cover. 

What kind of events does the IHI Open School support?

We support a wide variety of events, with an eye out for those that align with the mission of the Open School, as well as those that directly support the success of the Chapter. Here a few examples of potential events: 

    • Recruitment events and informational sessions for potential Chapter members.
    • Quality improvement workshops using Open School courses, case studies, or video content.
    •  Events that bring together Chapters across your region.
    • Activating and motivating students on campus to contribute to local or network-wide campaign efforts around health justice.
    •  Project-based learning opportunities with community organizations, hospitals, and/or health systems. 

The IHI Open School Blog and the Chapter Activity Center are great resources that share examples of events Chapters have hosted in the past, so that you can begin generating ideas of your own. 

How much money can a Chapter expect to receive?

The typical amount ranges between $50 and $250 USD. For this reason, we urge Chapters to scale their events and budgets accordingly and seek additional funding. For tips on fundraising, please visit this page.

What can the reimbursement money be used for?

The reimbursement amount awarded to Chapters can be used for food and drinks, meeting materials, printing and copying, AV and booking space, partial speaker fees, and marketing. The funds cannot be used to reimburse alcohol costs. 

You will receive a check for the agreed amount after your Chapter submits itemized receipts for event expenses. 

Can the money be used for multiple events?

No. You can apply for funding for more than one event, but the IHI Open School will only award funding for one event. We recommend that you think strategically about which event best supports the mission and efforts of your Chapter and apply for funding for that event. If you're unsure, consider using your funding for marketing supplies that can be used at both events. Applying for multiple events does not increase your chances of being funded. 

Can the money be carried over to the next semester (for example, if the event does not get planned within the expected time frame)?

Typically, we do not allow this. Occasionally, exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances (for example, the University of Cincinnati once postponed an event because of a yellow jacket infestation in the event space!) or for new Chapters that need a little extra time to gather interest. 

Are there any other expectations of the Chapters that receive sponsorship for their event?

Each Chapter is expected to submit a Chapter Check Request Form, available upon notification of award, and fully itemized receipts related to the event.

The IHI Open School will also request a summary of your event, along with any pictures you may have, for an opportunity for your Chapter to be featured in an upcoming edition of the IHI Open School newsletter or our blog or website.

Does the IHI Open School have any other resources for Open School Chapters hosting events?

The IHI Open School has several resources to help Chapters as they plan their events: