Chapter Spotlight

​In this new feature, the IHI Open School will highlight some of the most innovate Chapters in its network. We will feature information on the Chapter, and focus on a new innovation or project they’ve developed.
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​​Eastern Virginia Medical School IHI Open School Chapter

​Spotlight: ​Created a recruitment video to increase interest in its Chapter
Chapter Leader: ​ Beth Morris, 2nd year medical student​
Established: ​ February 2010
Location:​ Norfolk, VA
Chapter Website:​ ​

​​Medicine, Physician Assistants, Surgical Assistants, Public Health, Art Therapy, Psychology
​# of Members: ​50


Watch the video below:



The IHI Open School saw the recruitment video that the EVMS Chapter created and thought other Chapters would benefit from learning about what went into creating it. We contacted Chris Hoedt, founder of the IHI Open School Chapter at EVMS, and asked him some questions about the work behind the scenes.


Here's what Chris had to say:


What are the results so far in terms of recruitment?
So far (the video was produced a few weeks ago), I’ve heard a lot of students talking about it. Students sign up for clubs on campus next week, and I’m expecting our numbers will double, if not more. All of the incoming students are well aware of our Chapter.
How did you come up with idea to do a video?
It’s tough to communicate well about these issues (patient safety, quality improvement, the IHI Open School) in a short period of time. It’s very difficult to come up with a good elevator speech. I’ve thought a lot about this and after attending the IHI Open School Student Quality Leadership Academy, I realized I’m data driven and everyone else is emotional. I knew I wanted to find a way to excite students. And what gets med students excited? If an attending physician tells them to do something, they will pay more attention. So I thought, “If I can get a video of physicians and health care leaders talking about something students should do, that will motivate a lot of students to join.”
What were the costs associated with the video?
Next to nothing. We borrowed a camera from our AV department and filmed the video. I put it on my Mac and using iMovie, spliced it all together. In total, I would say it took about 30 or 40 hours to put together.
How long did it take to put together the video?
Filming took two weeks, and I did the editing in about a week (and I had absolutely no experience with video editing!). So, it took about three weeks from start to finish.
What’s one piece of advice you would give to other Chapters who want to put something like this together?
You have to be very proactive about it. Cold contact people. Explain who you are and what they can do to help. That will usually get most people on board. Additionally, you should always be networking and planning ahead. I always asked each physician if they knew someone else who we should be videotaping and if they would be interested in being a speaker this academic year; every single physician had at least one other person to recommend and our meeting schedule is booked for almost the whole academic year.
What other projects does your Chapter have planned for this year?
Based on the concept of the IHI Open School Student Quality Leadership Academy, we are developing 4-5 hour mini-academies (the plan is to start next Spring) on leadership, patient safety, and quality improvement. Our goal is to promote to students from all disciplines so that each are well represented. We’re also offering CMEs so health care professionals are encouraged to attend the academies with students.