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Celebrating 20 Years of Transforming Primary Care!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI's) Summit on Improving Patient Care is the destination for health care professionals in a variety of settings​ who are committed to transforming primary care. The IHI Summit, which takes place on April 11–13, 2019, at the San Francisco Marriott Marq​uis in San Francisco, CA, combines practical instruction with rejuvenating inspiration. You will leave equipped and eager to make changes that improve the lives of your patients and your staff.​​

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Achieve better outcomes for the people and populations you serve using proven quality improvement methods. Choose from 30+ practical sessions​ that will help you:

  • Ensure equitable care for all
  • Increase efficiencies in team-based care
  • Partner with patients to address complex needs
  • Reduce clinician burnout by building joy in work
  • Manage care across the continuum
  • I​mplement new financial models to provide high value
  • View all Summit s​essions by track for 2019​.​
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The IHI Summit features the following health care executives who are transforming primary care in various practice settings​:

IHI Summit Keynote Speakers

Learn more about the featured keynote speakers from 2019.​​

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“IHI is the beacon for innovation and transformation. Without IHI, health care professionals are disconnected from the information and data needed for providers to be successful with their patients and their communities. IHI is a needed partner in my academic medical and public health growth.” – Kenneth Ca​mpbell, MD, Operations Analyst, Cook County Health and Hospitals System

"This was my first time attending the conference. I enjoyed the universal shared ideas, optimism, and passion among all the different attendees. I loved the diversity: ages, educational backgrounds, health care systems, countries represented,​ and various experience levels.​​”  James Shander, MD, Pediatrician, Children’s Hospital Wisconsin​​