​​​​​​At the Summit, students will be able to:

  • N​etwork with academics and health professionals
  • Present a session —  IHI is not yet accepting speaker proposals. Please contact us with any questions.​
  • Present a storyboard — IHI is not yet accepting storyboard proposals. 
    Please contact us with any questions.​

Academic Scholarships - For this program, IHI is pleased to offer:

  • 75% scholarship for full-time students
  • 50% scholarship for part-time students (2 classes or more)
  • 50% scholarship for residents
  • 50% scholarship for full-time faculty and deans

To Apply

For the above scholarships and special discounts, complete the online Scholarship and Special Discount Application.

Seek support from your university:

  • Check out your school’s available conference funds.
  • Coordinate a fundraising event through your local IHI Open​ School Chapter.
  • Seek support from a nearby health system.