Full Day Workshops


Our most immersive and intensive learning opportunity at the Forum. Gain new improvement skills you will be able to expertly apply to your work. Don’t miss this rare IHI educational opportunity to receive a full day of individual attention from our world-renowned faculty.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Full Day Workshops
Dece​m​ber 9

Nobody Puts Safety in a Corner: How Culture & Systems Dance Together to Improve Safety
Improve patient outcomes using The Framework for Safe, Reliable and Effective Care. Learn how culture, systems, leadership, patient partnership and staff engagement are all interdependent to improving care. You will come away with a diagnostic tool to apply at your own work settings.
Creating Healthcare Justice: Understanding and Eliminating Racism in Health Systems
This highly interactive session is designed to further develop your improvement coaching skills by putting them to work in a safe learning environment. Role plays, scenarios, and exercises will help you gain insights and learn techniques to help your improvement teams build confidence, enhance capability, and drive success.

Better Quality Through Better Measurement
Receive valuable guidance on navigating roadblocks and building a measurement system that works, with an emphasis on understanding variation conceptually and statistically with run and control charts.

Open Wide: Dental Safety and Quality, from Sealants, to Scaling, to Sedation
This session is for anyone with an interest in improving the quality and safety of oral health care delivery. Topics will include cutting-edge dental patient safety efforts, the Dental Quality Learning Consortium, approaches for dental adverse event (DAE) reporting and dental quality metrics (DQM) development.

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Empathy-Based Innovation Lab Toolkit in a Box
Learn to lead innovation workshops to support a culture of creative inquiry using materials that fit into one small box. Pairing Silicon Valley design thinking with rapid cycle innovation, use improvisational games and patient-centric empathy-gathering excursions to develop innovative solutions to health care problems. Leave with lesson plans and exercises to facilitate your own low-cost workshops.
The Psychology of Change: People-Driven Methods to Unlock Resistance & Unleash QI
​Learn IHI's Psychology of Change Framework and get help advancing improvement efforts by understanding the people involved in the change: the way that they think and feel, what motivates them, and how they behave when encountering change.
How an Aligned Management System Optimizes Clinical Outcomes, Patient Experience and Economics
This session describes what a comprehensive management system looks like in practice, how it operates and, most important, why comprehensive methods engage both hearts and minds, essential for engagement, implementation and sustained results.

Second Victim Support: Helping Healers Heal​All health care disciplines are struggling with burnout, substance abuse, depression, dropping out, and suicide. Addressing the harmful effects of second victimization through peer support and expedited linkage to mental health resources can change the culture of medicine and promote longer and healthier careers. Participants of this interactive session will walk away with the background, expertise, and skillset to provide second victim peer support to their colleagues.
IHI Framework Actions for Improving Joy in Work​“Joy in work” is camaraderie, passion, fulfillment, psychological safety, and engagement, interwoven with loyalty to each other and the mission. It connects people to purpose and creates a high-functioning organization. We will present evidence for effectiveness with examples from clinical settings in North America and Europe.
Deming in the 21st Century: Thinking Beyond UsualWhile today’s “Organizations as Usual” suffer from blind spots, delays and mistakes, silos, and losses from internal competition, they possess the ability to manage many resources as a single system, guided by leaders inspired by Dr. Deming. Whether you are a long-time Deming enthusiast or new to the community, this session is designed to reveal opportunities for improvement to health care organizations yearning to join others in becoming “unusual.”
High-Impact Leadership: Teamwork at a Grand ScaleSustaining organizational performance and quality improvement depends on leaders measuring, coaching, and developing team capability. From the board to the front line, each function has responsibilities, interconnected activities, and skills that must become habit, i.e., “Teamwork at a Grand Scale.”
Leading for ImprovementWhat does it take to establish a culture of continuous improvement in a large, complex organization? We will learn together how to create a coherent management system that focuses on quality and about the types of behaviors that encourage a culture where people feel empowered to improve the system in which they work.
Value Management: A New Approach to Making Cost Reduction Part of your Quality StrategyLearn the value management tools developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in partnership with NHS Scotland that allow point-of-care leaders (especially charge nurses, nurse managers) to lead teams in improving quality while reducing costs continuously.
Achieving Hospital-Wide Patient FlowAddressing patient flow in hospitals is essential to ensure safe, high quality, patient-centered care.  Learn how to improve hospital-wide patient flow through an in-depth examination of: 1) a system view of patient flow, 2) theories for improvement, 3) simple rules to guide learning and improvement; and 4) high-leverage strategies and interventions to improve hospital-wide patient flow.
Healthcare Service Coproduction and its Improvement: How Does it Work?Explore coproduction and its relation to healthcare improvement. We will explore the coproduction learning cycle, a novel approach developed by the ICoHN: International Coproduction Health Network learning community, to describe the stages of an approach between healthcare providers and users to coproduce health.
Driving Complex Change Through QI CollaborativesImprovement Science and the Collaborative model are being adapted to address complex problems across multiple sectors, but without roadmaps and tools to address the challenges that arise, leaders working in this space can’t achieve population-level outcomes. Join us as we collaborate to discover improved ways of supporting this work.
Health System Journey to Population Health, Equity, & Well-being
Gain knowledge, tools, and insights to support your efforts and accelerate your progress. We will explore key levers from working within patient populations to implementing a total health anchor institution strategy, with a focus on building equity and measuring well-being across these key levers.


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Full Day Workshops 

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Available credits for 2019 IHI National Forum are currently under evaluation and expected in October 2019. The 2018 edition offered a maximum of 20.25 credits for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and certified professionals in health care quality in 2018.​​​​​

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Full Day Workshops