Forum Excursions

​​​​​​​​​​Join us for an all-day adventure to investigate how Orlando-based, global businesses pursue continuous quality improvement. Health care organizations perform many of these same functions as other companies in different industries. You have the option to attend an all-day Excursion to a local site on Monday, December 10.​ Register now​.​​​​​​​​

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Marriott World Center: Managing Large-Scale Operations

FE1 Marriott

Description: In this Excursion, participants will learn how the Marriott World Center expertly handles the flow of large volumes of visitors yet offers superb customer service in the front office, efficiently and safely feeds an average of 1 million plates per year, runs a golf club, tends to every detail of event and convention services, manages the logistics and tracking of Lost & Found, and manages daily housekeeping operations. Employee retention and recognition will also be discussed.


  • Identify at least five new ideas to borrow from large-scale operations in different functions of the hotel industry
  • Consider application of ideas for improving their own work environment
  • Develop next steps for testing the new ideas in their own operations

Gaylord Palms Resort: Joy in Work and Customer Satisfaction

FE2 Gaylord

Description: This Excursion will give participants an opportunity to learn how Gaylord Palms, a large hotel and convention center, improved its operating margin, increased customer satisfaction, enhanced workforce morale, and reduced employee attrition by focusing on employee satisfaction and joy in work.


  • Identify joy-in-work and staff retention strategies in a non-health-care industry that can be compared with, and applied to, their own work environments
  • Recognize and analyze key concepts of employee motivation and staff engagement in different industries
  • Develop ideas for increasing staff satisfaction in your own work environment

Central Florida Zoo: Patient Care, Safety, and Engagement

FE3 Central Florida Zoo

Description: This Excursion will go "backstage" at the Central Florida Zoo, a community-based organization engaged in the care of very special "patients." Participants will learn key concepts from this non-health-care setting that can be applied to staff and patients in their own work environments -preventative care techniques, community and staff engagement, efficient safety processes, and staying competitive as a community facility with many large competitors nearby.


  • Recognize and analyze key concepts of staff engagement and patient care in various settings
  • Develop ideas for improving organization-wide operations and patient care processes in any work environment
  • Identify ways of managing complex facility operations and customer (or patient and family) care in a non-health care industry that can be compared with, and applied to, any work environment

Universal Orlando®: Safety and Reliability

FE4 Universal Orlando®

Description: Sword fights … staged gunshots … setting actors on fire … what do these have in common with patient safety and reliability in health care? Go backstage at Universal Orlando® and learn how the stunt team ensures the safety of staff and visitors during high-risk stunts, addresses reliability during handoffs and staffing changes, and handles unexpected events. Hear directly from actors and see stunts demonstrated backstage and performed live.


  • Identify safety and reliability in a non-health care industry that can be compared with, and applied to, their own work environment
  • Recognize and analyze key concepts of safety and reliability in various settings
  • Develop ideas for change for improving safety in their own work environment

Orlando Health System Site Visit: Delivering Great Care with High Reliability

FE5 Orlando Health

Description: Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Orlando Health System has fostered the deep engagement of its clinicians, staff, and patients through a focus on teamwork and results. Participants will get an opportunity to visit Orlando Regional Medical Center, a level one trauma center, and Arnold Palmer Medical Center, including one of the nation’s largest neonatal intensive care units. Learn how Orlando Health's quality structure helped them deal with the events of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.


  • Describe the structures that build the deep engagement of clinicians and staff
  • Discuss the leadership behaviors that can deepen the engagement of staff and patients and lead to great results in care delivery
  • Develop two strategies that they will use to improve engagement at their institution

Brad Brewer Golf Academy: Leadership Lessons from the Links

FE6 Brad Brewer Golf Academy

Description: This Excursion will give participants an opportunity to learn how the game of golf and health care have strong linkages. PGA and LPGA professionals, instructors, and fitness experts will lead discussions and exercises focusing on behavioral health, improvement science, joy in work and leadership. Participants will also have an opportunity to implement tests of change with their own golf game.


  • Develop strategies and techniques to reduce stress in the workplace
  • Discuss the leadership behaviors that can deepen the engagement of staff and lead to great results
  • Develop training techniques for a thriving learning environment to maximize productivity and reduce burnout

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida: Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Disaster Preparedness

FE7 Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Description:The nonprofit Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida collects, stores, and distributes donated food to more than 550 feeding partners in six counties. After a 2004 hurricane, the Food Bank improved its disaster preparedness and response, enabling them to provide more than 1 million meals and serve as the staging ground for other food banks during a 2018 hurricane. Excursion participants will engage in dynamic discussion with executive management to learn about the strategic planning, management, and daily operations of a community-based organization that addresses social determinants of health through food security. Participants will also volunteer for two hours at the Food Bank, an experiential learning opportunity that provides time to ask questions of frontline workers.


  • Examine a user-centered design approach to strategic planning, operations, and disaster preparedness and response
  • Discuss place-based strategies to address food insecurity and related determinants of health at scale
  • Identify at least three ways an organization can improve its disaster preparedness efforts
  • Discuss service learning, via small group conversation, with frontline workers
  • Apply ideas gathered from an out-of-industry organization ready for testing and spread in any organization