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The Health Care Improvement Conference

2015 marks the 27th year of an event that has shaped the course of health care quality in profound, enduring ways — the Annual IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. Lend your voice, share your ideas, and join a force of great minds that will inspire and challenge you on December 6-9, 2015, in Orlando, FL, USA. This conference is more than a chance to network with nearly 6,000 health care professionals and gain actionable ideas for your organization. It's also an opportunity to play a part in effecting real change in health care quality and safety. 

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Why Attend the IHI National Forum?
"Hawaii Pacific Health has made the investment to come all the way to the IHI National Forum for over 10 years to help us focus, re-energize, and get pure, simple advice. We bring people to the Forum who have the potential to be leaders in the organization. For many of them, it's really eye-opening to see that quality improvement involves thousands of people worldwide." Michael Mihara, MD, Chairperson, Alapono Committee for Patient Safety & Quality, Pali Momi Medical Center, Hawai‘i Pacific Health

ue. For what we get in value, the cost is nominal... We include folks who aren't necessarily yet the leaders in the institution. The transformation they get from seeing this body of knowledge... sharing the stories  and collaborating with others from around the world, is invaluable to their development and to what they bring us back in return. Last year and this year, we've sent over a hundred people to the Forum each time." Jamal Hakim, MD, Chief Operating Officer, Orlando Health

"I look forward to it every year... I find it an enriching event where there are many lessons to be learned — some of which I found myself implementing as soon as I got back home. In addition, it's great to be around so many like-minde​d individuals striving to create a better health care system."Laurence Karper, Vice Chair, Psychiatry, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Pennsylvania

"I have been inspired at the National Forums by people who improve patient safety and bring improvement science into health care. Of course, Don Berwick inspires us all and calls us to action with his passion and insight. In the breakout sessions, I’ve found people who share their successes and failures as they work to improve health care so invigorating." — James Shirley, PhD, Oklahoma Center for Quality Improvement, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The IHI National Forum is where a lot of us find our passion. At the end of the year, we get to go and see all the exciting things that people around the world are doing. We build connections."   Peter Nixon, Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership​, Oakland, California

"With all the rapid changes taking place around health care quality, I have often felt overwhelmed. Attending the National Forum is my lifeline — I always return with wonderful ideas to improve patient care at my organization." — Laurie LaFlamme, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Penobscot Valley Hospital, Maine

"My first IHI National Forum was in 1996, and I still get excited for each one, each year. When you are a change agent committed to improving health care systems, it can feel a little lonely. Not everyone welcomes change. But when I’m on the plane, traveling from far away, I feel as though I’m going to see “my tribe.” The National Forum is a life-changing event. I meet people there who, like me years ago, are just starting out on their improvement journeys. At the National Forum though, they become part of a worldwide movement. That feeling of belonging and being part of something global has never left me — it’s one of the many reasons I return to the National Forum every year." Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Horizons Team

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