Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I have special diet request (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) 
A: If you have any special diet requests, please note this under “attendee preferences” in your enrollment.  To edit your enrollment, select “MY IHI”, View Enrollment History, Select the event, and select “edit attendee preferences.”  You’ll see a box where you can enter any special request. When you’re onsite at the Forum, you’ll need to notify an IHI staff member (blue shirts) meal times and they’ll retrieve your special meal.
Q:  Are there a cheaper hotel options?  Motel or youth hostel?
A: The following options offer competitive rates, and are less than 1 mile away from the conference location.
WorldQuest Resort (.4 miles away)
Sheraton Vistana Resort (.7 miles away)
Holiday Inn SunSpree (.9 miles away)
Regal Sun Resort (.9 miles away)
For additional options visit
Q: Are food or drinks allowed in meeting room?
A: Food and drinks are allowed in meeting rooms.  We ask that participants clean up after themselves so that we can ensure quick turnover time between sessions.  Water tanks will be available throughout the conference space as well.
Q: I was asked to help moderate a session.  When can I expect to find out more about my responsibility and role?
A: If you are moderating a session you should have received a confirmation email with instructions and a description of your role.  There will be small training sessions at the Forum where you’ll get a better understanding of what is expected of the moderator before, during and after a session.
Q: How can I coordinate with other students to reserve a hotel room together?
A: We suggest that you post your inquiry to the IHI Open School Facebook Group.
Q: When does the conference end on Wednesday?
A: The final keynote will end at 2:30 PM.  To see a full agenda for each conference day please see the Detailed Agenda

Q: What types of vendors or exhibitors will be there?
A: For more information about exhibitors at the National Forum, view the Sponsors & Exhibits page.
Q: Who can we ask about what sessions would be right for us?
A: The student track was developed to help students navigate the sessions that are most applicable to quality improvement beginners.