Conference Tracks

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​See how your peers are overcoming healthcare challenges using quality improvement methods.

Governing Quality

This systems-level approach to learning aims to strengthen the competencies of those responsible for managing and inspiring quality improvement (QI). Lessons in this track will focus on how to apply the QI methodology to one’s care setting, private organization, public system, or country.

Sessions will cover topics such as:
  • national quality strategies
  • igniting demand for QI; information sharing and campaigns
  • value management
  • improving capacity for management
  • regulation and accountability
  • using data to make population health decisions and meet population health goals
  • empowering local organizations to act
  • scale up of improvement efforts

Healthcare Delivery Redesign

The 2018 Lancet Global Health Commission Report has inspired healthcare professionals to​ rethink how they deliver care, stepping out of from the old models of care. This track is intended to challenge attendees to do the same as they look to maximize health outcomes and user confidence. 

Sessions will cover topics such as:
  • community design of care
  • team-based care
  • engaging patient and families
  • creating patient-safety driven systems
  • incorporating new technology, emergency health records, and big data in QI and safety efforts

Transforming the Healthcare Workforce


This track offers breakout sessions that provide proven methods and resources to enable the organizations, teams, and individuals to thrive — not just persevere — in the workplace. 

Sessions will cover topics such as:
  • establishing and sustaining physical and psychological safety on the job
  • finding joy in work
  • providing clinical education
  • empowering staff in QI initiatives
  • creating a culture of speaking up​

Improvement in Difficult Settings


Whether it’s due to inaccessibility, the remote nature of a community, war, poverty, endemic disease or a lack of funds, healthcare professionals in Africa often face challenges in providing and leading care improvement efforts.

Sessions cover topics such as:
  • case studies from the field on what does and doesn’t work
  • innovative care models
  • tools for building local provider QI capabilities
  • case studies on building improvement capability
  • strategies for meeting population health goals in difficult settings
  • methods for understanding what is takes to bring about improvement