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The 2018 IHI Change Conference: Radical Redesign in Complex Systems has been designed for health care organizations that are working toward better care, reduced costs, and an improved patient experience. Accomplishing those aims takes a lot of guidance no matter what kind of health care organization you are leading.​

We hope that Board members, C-suite executives, clinic​al leaders, innovation leaders, and emerging leaders from a broad array of health systems, primary care clinics, and community health organizations (including Federally Qualified Health Centers) will attend and learn from IHI’s expert faculty in what promises to be a fulfilling two days of learning together.

​Day One · Thursday, April 19, 2018
7:00–8:00 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00–8:30 AM

Plenary: 10 Radical Redesign Principles
Derek Feeley, DBA

8:30–9:45 AM

Panel: Understanding Who We Serve and Establishing a New Partnership with Patients and Families

9:45–10:00 AM
Break and Transition to Breakouts
10:00–10:45 AM

Breakouts A:

  • Promote Well-Being – Focus on outcomes that matter the most to people, appreciating that their health and happiness may not require health care.
  • Change the Balance of Power – Co-produce health and well-being in partnership with patients, families and communities.
​10:45–11:00 AM ​Transition to Breakouts
​11:00–12:00 PM

Breakouts B:

  • Customize to the Individual – Contextualize care to an individual’s needs, values and preferences, guided by an understanding of what matters to the person in addition to “What’s the matter?”
  • Assume Abundance – Use all the assets that can help to optimize the social, economic and physical environment, especially those brought by patients, families and communities.
12:00–1:30 PM
Lunch and Team Time
1:30–2:30 PM

Plenary: Leading System Change to Meet the Need and Achieve Results

2:30–2:45 PM
Transition to Breakouts
 2:45–3:45 PM

Breakouts C:

  • Standardize What Makes Sense – Standardize what is possible to reduce unnecessary variation and increase the time available for individualized care.
  • Make it Easy – Continually reduce waste and all non-value-added requirements and activities for patients, families, and clinicians
3:45–4:00 PM
Break and Tranisition to Breakouts 
4:00–4:45 PM​

Beakouts D: 

  • Moving Knowledge, Not People – Exploit all helpful capacities of modern digital care and continually substitute better alternatives for visits and institutional stays. Meet people where they are, literally.
  • Collaborate and Cooperate – Recognize that the healthcare system is embedded in a network that extends beyond traditional walls. Eliminate siloes and tear down self-protective institutional or professional boundaries that impede flow and responsiveness.
​4:45–5:00Transition to Plenary ​
​5:00–5:30 PM​Plenary: Pulling it All Together and Team Time
​5:30–6:30 PM​Networking Reception


Day Two · Friday, April 20, 2018
7:00–8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
8:00–9:00 AM
Plenary: Reflections of How We Need to Change Health Care
9:00–10:00 AM

    Panel Plenary: Activating our People by Creating Joy in Work

10:00–10:15 AM
Break and Transitions to Breakouts
10:15–11:00 AM

Breakout E:

  • Senior Leadership – Meaning and Purpose/Physical and Psychological Safety
  • Doing the Right Work – Daily Improvement, Measurement, and Teamwork
11:00–11:15 AM
Transition to Breakouts
​11:15–12:15 PM​Breakout F:
  • Bringing Self – Wellness and Resilience and Choice and Autonomy
  • Conducting a Symphony – Participative Management and Recognition and Rewards
12:15 PM–1:00 PM


​1:00 PM–1:45 PM​Team Action Planning: Leaving with Focus
1:45–2:30 PM​
Plenary: Repetitive Persistence
Derek Feeley, DBA
​ ​​