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​​​​​​​​​​​​​October 12, 2017, 2:00 PM ET: QI Takes on Veteran and Chronic Homelessness

  • Jake Maguire, MA, Principal, Community Solutions, Built for Zero
  • Beth Sandor, Principal, Community Solutions, Built for Zero
  • Nate French, Senior Improvement Advisor, Community Solutions
  • Ninon Lewis, MS, Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Often, what goes around really does come around. And that's been a good thing for an initiative focused on housing chronically homeless individuals along with high numbers of US veterans who are living on the streets.

A group called Community Solutions​ has been using tools and methods and campaign-style momentum adopted from IHI and the health care quality improvement movement to decrease homelessness in the US. Their improvement science approach coupled with a strategy called Built for Zero​ is leading to impressive results. In the QI spirit of "all teach, all learn" we hope you'll tune in to the October 12 WIHI: QI Takes on Veteran and Chronic Homelessness.

On any given night of the year, the nation's homeless veterans number around 40,000; another estimated 84,000 fit the definition of chronically having no place to live. Frustrated by the seemingly entrenched situation, Community Solutions has taken a rigorous, relentless, real-time, data-driven approach — including careful tracking of individuals by name, and the engagement of a wide range of social services and supports — and they're demonstrating that homelessness can be dramatically reduced. Jake Maguire, Beth Sandor, and Nate French from Community Solutions will describe communities that have increased their monthly rates of housing homeless individuals by an average of 266% over four years. We'll also hear about 14 communities that have ended chronic and/or veteran homelessness.

To sustain success and engage more communities — and to achieve nothing short of ending all homelessness in the US — Community Solutions is seeking help from multiple stakeholders, especially in health care. IHI's Ninon Lewis joins the WIHI panel to discuss ways in which hospitals and health systems can get engaged in ending homelessness. And we look to you, WIHI listeners, for your own knowledge of effective strategies wherever you work and live. Thanks in advance for tuning in. 

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