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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​August 9, 2018, 2:00 PM ET: Connecting Patient Experience to Culture and Strategic Aims

  • Barbara Balik, RN, EdD, Co-Founder, Aefina Partners, and Senior Faculty, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
  • Kris White, MBA, RN, Co-Founder, Aefina Partners, and Faculty, IHI
  • Helen Macfie, PharmD, FABC, Chief Transformation Officer, MemorialCare

Most hospitals are understandably preoccupied with patient experience scores. High-performing organizations worry when their scores plateau, and those with mediocre scores wonder why their attention to better "customer service" hasn't improved the numbers. Up and down the rankings, there's discussion about patients as unreliable informants, flawed survey instruments, low survey response rates, and institutions being judged unfairly by these scores.

A decade into publicly reported patient experience data for US hospitals (most notably with HCAHPS​), experts say that health systems are working on patient experience too much in isolation, separate from other organizational strategic aims. Join us for a discussion about strengthening these linkages on the August 9 WIHI: Connecting Patient Experience to Culture and Strategic Aims.

Barbara Balik will provide a brief review of the current landscape for patient experience data collection: the questions asked, who wants to know, and the financial and reputational consequences of average or poor scores. She challenges all health systems to look at patient experience in relationship to physician and staff engagement and joy in work; the totality of patient experience across the continuum of care, not just in the hospital; and making changes that matter to patients.

While Kris White studies patient experience data from multiple sources, she will explain why it's often the qualitative information patients provide that offers the best guidance on what needs improvement. To that end, Helen Macfie will share examples of patient comments that have been invaluable in improving the MemorialCare experience. Passionate about fixing the right things, she says, "Good systems are good for everyone."

If you're tired of the same old discussion about patient experience scores, the August 9 WIHI promises to provide some new ideas that you can test immediately in your organization. We look forward to your participation on this next WIHI! ​​​​

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