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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​July 18, 2019, 2:00 PM ET: Aim High for Equity in the Health Care Workforce

  • Stephen Mette, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, interim Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice Chancellor Clinical Programs, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Medical Center
  • Andrea Werner, MSW, Senior Vice President, Bellin Health Systems
  • Kalyn Witak, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Bellin Health Systems
  • Saranya Loehrer, MD, MPH, Head of Innovation, Institute for Healthcare Improvement 

Efforts to pay one's employees a living wage in the US now include major health care systems. Boosting pay to a region or state's living wage​ can result in a significant economic lift for many in the health care workforce, which is precisely the intention of several large health systems that are part of IHI's five-year old Leadership Alliance​. Members of the Alliance's Equity Workgroup want to live up to commitments they made in a 2018 Call to Action to Achieve Health Equity​ to create "a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce in our organizations." The progress is notable at two health systems in particular that we're going to hear from on the July 18, 2019 WIHI: Aim High for Equity in the Health Care Workforce.

The focus on workforce equity is part of a broad strategy to better appreciate and act upon the ways in which low income and lack of career advancement opportunities impact the health of communities where many health systems reside, including residents who work for the health systems. Both Bellin Health Systems and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center (UAMS) have made health equity strategic priorities across their organizations, drawing connections between eliminating racial disparities in treatment and health outcomes, institutional racism, and multiple determinants of health, such as income inequality. With full leadership support, it's been possible to set bold aims to ensure living wages for all staff by the end of 2019 (Bellin) and 2020 (UAMS).

The July 18 WIHI presents an opportunity to learn about implementation details with Andrea Werner and Kalyn Witak from Bellin, and Stephen Mette from UAMS. Kalyn's participation reflects the extensive degree to which Human Resources is part of moving workforce equity forward. Beyond raising wages, HR has a huge role to play with diversifying the hiring pipeline and creating more inclusive pathways for career growth and advancement.

IHI's Saranya Loehrer has overseen the Leadership Alliance's Equity Workgroup since its inception. She's got the broad framework​ and the details at her fingertips and will serve as a terrific guide and sense maker on the program, helping you see opportunities to improve equity at your own organizations. We look forward to your participation on July 18!

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