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March 23, 2017, 2:00 PM ET: What We're Learning About Patients with Complex Needs


  • Jose Figueroa, MD, MPH, Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Associate Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • David Labby, MD, PhD, Health Strategy Adviser, Health Share of Oregon
  • Marian Bihrle Johnson, MPH, Director of Innovation, IHI

There’s a lot of attention being paid to developing new models to care for and support patients with multiple, complex health problems. And, for good reason. It’s long been known that individuals with chronic, intertwined health and social issues make frequent use of expensive emergency departments or stay away from health care altogether until things get really bad. The motivation of providers to change this situation is strong. So is their desire to find out how others are addressing the problem, to avoid starting from scratch.

That’s where a newly available online resource comes in called The Playbook: Better Care for People with Complex Needs. Spearheaded by five foundations and developed by IHI, we want to orient you to the Playbook’s rich offerings on the March 23, 2017 WIHI: What We're Learning about Patients with Complex Needs. We’ll highlight the features that can help guide your improvement efforts.

A great panel will guide the discussion, including one of The Playbook’s creators, Marian Bihrle Johnson, and two of its advisors: Jose Figueroa and David Labby. Dr. Figueroa will explain the thinking behind, and resources for, population segmentation as part of this work and how to best utilize it. Dr. Labby will tap into his long term experience working with and learning from populations with complex needs, including as part of more recent and deeply transformational new models of care in the state of Oregon.

What’s happening where you work and live? The Playbook is a resource that intends to grow and evolve right along with the learning and discovery. Thanks in advance for signing up for the March 23 WIHI.