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By John Gauthier | Monday, Apr 28, 2014
IHI Lead for Public and Patient Engagement Martha Hayward is faculty for the IHI Expedition on Patient and Family Advisors Getting the Most Out of Your Partnership. In this interview with IHI project assistant Sarah Konstantino, she talks about the keys to identifying the most effective patient and family advisors. Q Why is it so important to have patient and family advisors?I am really glad you asked me that question because most people jump to the idea that the most important thing is having a ... read full post


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By Caitlin Littlefield | Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013
Two weeks ago, my grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday. Sadly, she will not remember the pictures we took, the flavor of the cake she ate (chocolate – her favorite), or the gifts she unwrapped. This is because my grandmother has dementia. You may not know Jewel Estelle, but everyone has someone like her. She’s my grandmother. She isn’t a celebrity, never wrote a book, and never won a beauty pageant. There won’t be a scholarship, park bench, or statue dedicated in her honor. But is this ... read full post


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By Caitlin Littlefield | Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Below is a post to the Blue Shirt Blog by Madge Kaplan, IHI's Communications Director. It’s 4:30 AM and I’m woken up by the home phone ringing in the middle of the night. When I pick up, a woman identifies herself as calling from my elderly mother’s medic alert company. She tells me that my mother pushed her button a short while ago and an ambulance was called. “Did the ambulance come?” I ask. “Do you know where she was taken?” “We don’t know…they won’t tell us that.” “Who’s ‘they’?” I learn ... read full post


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Best Practices for clinical areas, Private & Group Care, Family caregivers and caregiving - all aspects
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