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By Joellen Huebner | Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
We burden health systems with an unsustainable number of required and recommended patient safety metrics. Many of these metrics are outdated, fail to incorporate the perspective of patients, and allow only for retrospective analysis. Is there a way to make measurement more meaningful?


Tag(s): Patient Safety
By Alice Bonner | Thursday, Feb 20, 2020
A new report highlights the risks of over-prescribing and overuse of medications in older adults. Implementing Age-Friendly Health Systems best practices will help put the Lown report’s recommendations into action.


Tag(s): Age-Friendly Health Systems, Geriatrics, Medication Safety, Quality Improvement, What Matters, Medication Reconciliation, Person- and Family-Centered Care
By Sara Kramer | Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020
A physician learns that running a patient education QI project is not the same as conducting traditional scientific research.


Tag(s): Quality Imporvement, Improvement Capability
By Lorie Martin | Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020
The Camden Coalition popularized the idea of "hotspotting," the strategic use of data to reallocate resources to a small subset of patients with complex needs. A recent study of the model was disappointing, but not without a great deal of learning for improving care.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Complex Needs, Quality, Cost, and Value
By AHLAM MAHMOUD | Thursday, Feb 13, 2020
When Ahlam Mahmoud and colleagues discovered a discrepancy in the number of deaths reported in the hospital, it led to a re-design of the hospital’s data quality management system. By engaging clinicians, the team established training, communication, and recognition processes, leading to dramatic improvement in data quality to support decision making.


Tag(s): Africa, Medication Safety, IHI Global Trigger Tool, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
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