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By Maureen Bisognano | Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013
The following is a guest post to the Leadership Blog by Pedro Delgado, Executive Director (IHI) The recent National Meeting of Quality in Health organized by the Superintendence in Chile and attended by over 1,000 professionals tried to answer a simple question…is there a better way to regulate healthcare while improving service delivery and outcomes? Increasingly, those involved in accreditation are interested in the methods that are commonly used for Quality Improvement. The meeting’s theme ‘ ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013
The following is a guest post to the Leadership Blog by Jacob Lippa, MPH “How much, by when?” is a common mantra among improvement scientists. It reminds us that when defining our aims, it is important to set clear, specific, time-bound targets—for example, a 30 percent reduction in sepsis-related mortality over the next 12 months. Clear goals are measurable and unambiguous. But being realistic is just as important as being specific. Few things are as detrimental to motivation as setting unattai ... read full post


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