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By Maureen Bisognano | Thursday, Jun 20, 2013
In my last post, I told you about my most recent visit with the extraordinary innovators and improvers in Jönköping County, Sweden. The purpose of my visit was to attend and speak at the 10th annual gathering they call Utvecklingskraft (which roughly translates into "improvement capacity"). Five hundred leaders gathered in Jönköping to focus on improvement and innovation, and it was a wonderful, living example of IHI’s approach of all teach, all learn. As usual, I learned so much at this year’s ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Thursday, Jun 13, 2013
The following is a guest post to the Leadership Blog by Don A. Goldmann, MD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, IHI; Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; and Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health All of a sudden the dialogue has shifted from the cost of care to the price of care in the US — one wonders why this took so long, given the the data on magnitude and variability of prices revealed by Elizabeth Rosent ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Thursday, Jun 06, 2013
One of the world’s great learning laboratories is in Jönköping County, Sweden. I have visited there every year for more than a decade and each time I learn something new and inspiring. It’s one of the most innovative places I’ve ever visited. What I love most about the work of Agneta Jansmyr, Göran Henriks, Dr. Mats Bojestig, and their colleagues is that they focus on health care, not sick care. The difference is night and day. About 15 years ago, leaders in Jönköping started the “Esther” projec ... read full post


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