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By Jeffrey Selberg | Thursday, Mar 21, 2013
Guest post by Jeff Selberg and Clifford M. Marks. Further discussion of this entry and the issues can be found on WBUR’s CommonHealth Blog.  Steve Brill’s recent piece on the irrationality of health care costs has inspired so many disparate reactions, it feels almost like a health policy Rorschach: Some see a clear case for a single-payer system. Others point to all-payer rate setting. And many health care executives, as reflected in a response from the Healthcare Financial Management Associatio ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Thursday, Mar 14, 2013
Next month, from April 7-9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, IHI will host its second biggest event of the year ---- the 14th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice it creates destructive instead of productive competition, and it hinders cooperation. As health reform unfolds here in the US and in systems across the world, thinking in a more holistic, comprehensive way is increasingly essential. We have to focus on the entire continuum of care. To do this well, we al ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013
Below is a guest post to the Leadership Blog by IHI co-Founder and Senior Fellow Dr. Paul Batalden. It's full of wisdom and insight...just like Paul. -Maureen Bisognano The recent Francis Report on the situation at the UK Mid Staffordshire Trust comprehensively documents modern health care “gone bad.” The report portrays and documents a “system perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” Woven into the report, its recommendations and some early responses to the report are common “modern” th ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Friday, Mar 08, 2013
Last fall, I wrote about the visionary work Mary Brainerd (below) and her team at HealthPartners in Minnesota do in pursuit of the IHI Triple Aim. HealthPartners demonstrates the power of an inspiring vision and incredible execution. Charlie Kenney and I devoted a chapter of the book we wrote ---- Pursuing The Triple Aim ---- to the inspiring results achieved at HealthPartners. Mary Brainerd, CEO, HealthPartners Our book came out last year and I thought it would be interesting to check back in ... read full post


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By Maureen Bisognano | Friday, Mar 01, 2013
As Lord Nigel Crisp says in his wonderful book, Turning the World Upside Down, we all have a great deal to learn from lower-income countries. Last week, I traveled to Malawi with Pierre Barker and Nneka Mobisson-Etuk to meet with our partners there, MaiKhanda. Together, we aim to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in a country overwhelmed by poverty and with few resources for health. I returned from Malawi with three lessons I think have particular resonance for us in the US First, take a lo ... read full post


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