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By JACQUELINE TORRES | Thursday, Jun 25, 2020
After many cycles of improvement, a team launched a learning session virtually using the lessons learned during an earlier program.


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By Donald Berwick | Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020
Supporting the health and well-being of all health care professionals means making structural changes in social conditions in the US and other countries to support real safety and opportunity for everyone.


Tag(s): Coronavirus (COVID-19), Equitable Care Delivery, Workforce Safety, Community
By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Jun 18, 2020
Keeping the organization focused on the mission and backing that up with a solid strategic plan have been crucial. Mission and purpose without strategy and plan are just words on a page.


Tag(s): Coronavirus (COVID-19), Leadership, Equitable Care Delivery, values, Teamwork
By IHI Multimedia Team | Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020
Given COVID-19's impact on mental health outcomes in communities, assessing well-being should be considered essential.


Tag(s): Coronavirus (COVID-19), Measurement for Improvement, Triple Aim for Populations, Equitable Care Delivery, Community
By Tamsin Jones | Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how can health care providers draw upon the ethical codes of their professions to confront the years of inequities that have once again been highlighted?


Tag(s): Coronavirus (COVID-19), Equitable Care Delivery, Leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety
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