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By Kelly McCutcheon Adams | Thursday, Jul 06, 2017
One of the most important changes they implemented was deceptively simple. The collaborative leaders put together a one-page questionnaire for patients to complete. They asked, “Currently, what is your NUMBER ONE concern or goal related to your IBD?”


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By Colleen Lampron | Tuesday, Jun 07, 2016
In this article, a participant in IHI's BTS College — a program that shows how to convene a large number of teams to work on a focused improvement initiative (what IHI calls a “Collaborative”) - describes her success in applying what she learned to two large-scale initiatives.


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By Kimberly Mitchell | Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014
Kelly McCutcheon Adams is a Director at IHI, teaching the Breakthrough Series College and other IHI courses.Organ donation rates, Breakthough Series Collaboratives, and teaching. If you had asked me in early 2003 — when I was the Emergency Department and Trauma-ICU social worker at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston — to explain these three elements and how I was involved with each, you would’ve been met with a blank look of confusion and some awkward silence. Ten years later, I can ... read full post


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By Kimberly Mitchell | Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014
Marie Schall is a Director at IHI and has been senior faculty for IHI's Breakthrough Series College. Marie is also responsible for the ongoing development of IHI's spread methodology and programming. What do large-scale improvement efforts in patient safety, educational curricula, landscaping, energy efficiency, foster care, organ donation, and primary care practices all have in common? They have all been topics for which the Breakthrough Series College (BTSC) method has been successfully applie ... read full post


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