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By Sam Watson | Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019
We often hear that organizational culture is determined by the board and the CEO. Where does that leave everyone else? Sam Watson argues that organizational culture is a shared responsibility of the board, senior leadership, and staff.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Leadership, Quality Improvement, Communication
By Joseph Mauti | Thursday, Aug 08, 2019
An experienced QI Advisor shares his tips for working on population health in communities.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Community, Communication, Teamwork, Quality Improvement
By Susan Edgman-Levitan | Wednesday, Aug 07, 2019
As clinicians, we forget that patients are often incapacitated in some of the most dangerous places in our health care system.


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, Patient Safety, Engage Patients and Families in Care, Engage Patients and Families in Improvement, Communication, Quality Improvement
By Neil Baker | Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019
Psychological safety research indicates that whether or not people feel they can speak openly with their supervisors about their concerns or challenges significantly impacts learning, innovation, and performance.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Communication
By Lawrence Yang | Friday, Jul 05, 2019
Effective meetings might not sound important, but trained Improvement Coaches know they can help spur progress, unite teams, and reduce wasted time. One Improvement Coach describes how learning to run better meetings helped him and his teams when they were feeling burned out.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Improvement Capability, Communication, Teamwork, Joy in Work
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