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By Sodzi Sodzi–Tettey | Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
We need to strip QI of the terminology that often confuses more than it explains, and distill its methods to their core essentials to get the improved health outcomes that we seek.


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By Sodzi Sodzi–Tettey | Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
The lessons from this project are clear. When leaders create a burning platform for change, and when frontline workers are empowered to measure and improve the care they deliver, the QI approach makes a difference.


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By Sodzi Sodzi–Tettey | Thursday, Dec 22, 2016
Ghana’s Health Ministry has launched a five-year National Healthcare Quality Strategy that envisions a health system that places the client at the center of health care and ensures continuously improved measurable health outcomes.


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By Sodzi Sodzi–Tettey | Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016
With grant funding awarded by the Bill


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By Stephanie Garry Garfunkel | Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016
IHI has launched Ubora, the first institute dedicated to the use of improvement science to achieve the best in health and health care for the people of Africa. Based in Ghana, Ubora will build on the success of Project Fives Alive!


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