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By Anna Frellsen | Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019
According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of maternal deaths can be prevented with access to skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth. Through the Safe Delivery App, midwives in over 40 countries are now facilitating safer births. Anna Frellsen, CEO of Maternity Foundation, shares how the organization and its partners started and scaled a widespread movement to improve the lives of mothers and babies.


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By Christian Ayin | Wednesday, May 29, 2019
The premature death of a newborn motivated pharmacist Christian Ayin to always look out for harms due to medication. Through IHI’s Africa Hospital Patient Safety Initiative, he and his team have transformed his experiences into opportunities for action to reduce medication harm and improve patient safety.


Tag(s): Africa, Medication Safety, Trigger Tools, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement
By Amanda Aryee | Wednesday, May 22, 2019
When Amanda Aryee, a pharmacy manager, was introduced to the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety, the Global Trigger Tool, and other QI tools, she recognized the connection between quality and patient safety. Follow her journey to see the lessons she learned from QI tools about ensuring the delivery of high-quality care.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Wednesday, May 01, 2019
A new learning cohort will offer support for members of the Africa quality and safety community looking to build foundational QI skills. IHI’s Joe Mando, Director of Africa Operations, and Michaiah Parker, Africa Region Project Assistant, share stories that inspired the new program.


Tag(s): Africa, Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement
By IHI Multimedia Team | Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
Despite advances in HIV treatment, challenges persist in connecting children and adolescents to care and support. Dr. Carol Tait of the Paediatric and Adolescent Scale-Up Project explains how a collaboration with multiple hospitals fostered new relationships, mutual learning, and better care.


Tag(s): Africa, Perinatal Care, Maternal and Child Health, Quality Improvement
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