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By Briana Cohen | Thursday, Mar 05, 2020
Motivated by growing up in a province in rural Ethiopia faced with high maternal mortality, Shewit Tekeste now works on preventing these deaths using quality improvement. He and his team tested six high-impact change ideas and brought about a previously unimaginable reduction in maternal deaths.


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By AHLAM MAHMOUD | Thursday, Feb 13, 2020
When Ahlam Mahmoud and colleagues discovered a discrepancy in the number of deaths reported in the hospital, it led to a re-design of the hospital’s data quality management system. By engaging clinicians, the team established training, communication, and recognition processes, leading to dramatic improvement in data quality to support decision making.


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By Nokuthula Portia Zulu | Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020
As part of the South Africa Tuberculosis Quality Improvement, IHI Improvement Officer Portia Zulu supports leaders and coaches facility teams on QI. She found that being in district offices, rather than externally, helped her do this work by better positioning her to make field visits, access data, share learnings, and engage leadership.


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By Yael Gill | Friday, Oct 11, 2019
Hamida Sadick, a nurse midwife, won this year's IHI National Forum Bartley Memorial Scholarship for her work to improve HIV care. By intensifying health education, tracking missed appointments, and conducting home visits, an interdisciplinary QI team at the clinic achieved a tremendous reduction in transmission, as well as increased patient knowledge and visit attendance.


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By Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey | Thursday, Oct 10, 2019
What are the keys to governing for quality around the globe? IHI's Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey, MD, MPH, shares his advice on establishing large-scale quality management systems.


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