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By Neil Baker | Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018
Even skilled quality improvers can have difficulty creating or maintaining psychological safety. Here are five tips that can help teams with open communication and mutual support.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Nov 06, 2018
A daily patient safety huddle has helped one hospital improve patient flow, reduce mortality, and increase joy in work.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Communication, Teamwork, Quality Improvement, Discharge Planning
By Barbara Balik | Friday, Oct 12, 2018
What would you do if your staff engagement scores dropped from the highest tier to the lowest? One manager's experience offers joy in work leadership lessons for anyone trying to build stronger teamwork and collaboration.


Tag(s): Joy in Work, Leadership, Teamwork, Quality Improvement, Communication, Culture of Safety
By Brent James | Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018
Your clinical training may have helped you become a skilled clinician, but did it teach you how to lead improvement? IHI Senior Fellow Brent James, MD, describes the skills every successful clinical leader needs.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Leadership, Teamwork
By Bob Klaber | Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018
Collaboration is often difficult in health care, but one physician describes why he think it's necessary, how he's seen it work, and how it might be the answer to many of health care's most pressing challenges.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Teamwork, Leadership, Europe
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