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By Kathy Duncan | Friday, Jan 10, 2020
We wouldn’t expect a child, pet, or plant to thrive on its own. We shouldn’t expect quality improvement to either. Kathy Duncan offers tips on how to nurture health care quality improvement efforts without micromanaging.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Leadership, Communication, Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), Improvement Capability
By Karen Murrell | Thursday, Jan 09, 2020
An emergency physician counters the myths and misunderstandings that can get in the way of improving patient flow in the hospitals.


Tag(s): Flow - Moving Patients, Information and Materials Through Hospitals, Efficiency and Waste Reduction, ED - Emergency Department, Quality Improvement, Quality, Cost, and Value
By Emma Robinson | Wednesday, Jan 08, 2020
Providence St. Joseph Health is putting system-wide approaches into place to improve maternal health and prevent maternal mortality.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Equitable Care Delivery, Triple Aim for Populations
By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Jan 02, 2020
Eliminating health inequities requires digging deeply into the entrenched policies, practices, and culture of an organization and uncovering often uncomfortable truths. Addressing inequitable is one essential way health care organizations can improve health and health care equity for the populations they serve.


Tag(s): Equitable Care Delivery, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Measurement for Improvement, Triple Aim for Populations, Pursuing Equity
By Janet Porter | Thursday, Dec 19, 2019
Most people would agree that good communication skills are important but are too often neglected. One of the factors that sets exceptional leaders at all levels of an organization apart is their ability to convey ideas and news effectively.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Leadership, Communication
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