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By Donald M. Berwick | Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019
At the 2019 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Glasgow, IHI President Emeriti Don Berwick and Maureen Bisognano shared times they’ve changed their minds throughout their careers as leaders in health care. In a new interview, Berwick reflects on what he said in Glasgow, why he and Bisognano felt it was so important to share personal examples of vulnerability and growth, and how leaders should learn by listening to others.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement
By Sam Watson | Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019
Governance influences leadership, which influences culture. When leaders and board members commit to culture change, the benefits spill into other areas that contribute to safe, high-quality care. Sam Watson, a member of the IHI Board of Directors and National Steering Committee for Patient Safety, offers three recommendations for board members to evolve their role.


Tag(s): Leadership, Governance and Boards, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Culture of Safety
By Patricia McGaffigan | Thursday, May 02, 2019
While Florence Nightingale is often recognized for transforming nursing from a service to a profession, far too few recognize her as one of the first safety and quality leaders in health care.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Measures, Person- and Family-Centered Care
By Derek Feeley | Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019
Pursuing the Triple Aim effectively takes a fundamental shift from the mindset that has dominated health care in the past. IHI's Derek Feeley shares the "5 Ps" that are essential for Triple Aim transformation.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Triple Aim for Populations
By Shobhan Thakore | Thursday, Apr 11, 2019
A quality improvement leader shares how his introduction to IHI's Psychology of Change Framework challenged him to ensure that his teaching addresses the human side of change.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Psychology of Change, Improvement Capability
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