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By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Aug 11, 2016
In the 15 years since the publication of the IOM's Crossing the Quality Chasm report, health care has made progress on five of the “Six Aims for Improvement.” In the latest installment of his “Line of Sight” leadership column, IHI President and CEO Derek Feeley asserts that progress on the sixth improvement aim — equity — has lagged behind.


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By David Munch | Thursday, Jul 07, 2016
"Dear IHI" is an advice column in which IHI experts answer questions from health care change agents in the field. In this installment, Dr. Dave Munch provides guidance to busy and stressed health care professionals on how to recapture time by running effective meetings.


Tag(s): Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Redesign Processes and Systems, Quality/Improvement Professional
By David Munch | Thursday, Jun 09, 2016
Time is one of the most valuable resources in any organization so it is very important to manage it well. How do we assure that we give and use our time wisely? IHI faculty member Dr. David Munch offers his favorite time management tips.


Tag(s): Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Redesign Processes and Systems
By Janet Porter | Thursday, Jan 07, 2016
Few people these days see efforts to make care more patient- and family-centered as radical. Janet Porter, however, argues that patients need to be more than partners to fundamentally improve care. Ms. Porter will be faculty for IHI’s Leading Quality Improvement Essentials for Managers program.When we engage patients and family members, they really become our partners in the care design process. For six years, I served as the Chief Operating Officer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and, during th ... read full post


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, Engage Patients and Families in Improvement, Redesign Processes and Systems, Leadership
By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Aug 21, 2015
The quotation, “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets,” has been popularized in the health care improvement world, yet most don’t know to whom the quote should be attributed. Earl Conway and Paul Batalden, IHI Senior Fellow and Founding Chair of the IHI Board of Directors, clarify its origins.


Tag(s): Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement, Improvement Methods and Tools, Systems Thinking, Reliable Processes, Redesign Processes and Systems
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