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By Pierre Barker | Monday, Dec 12, 2016
Although more people in low- and middle-income countries are now able to reach care facilities, there is growing evidence that access to services alone cannot improve the outcomes of populations.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Nov 18, 2016
Quality improvement work can improve or exacerbate health disparities. Use these methods to make sure you’re improving care equitably. These tips are excerpted from IHI's Achieving Health Equity white paper.


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By Mike Briddon | Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016
In case you missed them, here is a collection of IHI's top five content picks from June 2016. They cover topics including sustaining improvement, the opioid crisis, improving primary care patient access, and a video comparing Lean and the IHI approach to quality improvement.


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By Mark Murray | Friday, May 27, 2016
Will improving primary care access — essentially allowing more patients to get care — necessarily mean overtaxing already stressed primary care practices? In the following interview, Mark Murray, MD, MPA, Principal of Mark Murray and Associates, asserts quite the opposite.


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By Kimberly Mitchell | Friday, Feb 27, 2015
An underserved community in California is at high risk for diabetes, and a local clinic is redesigning its processes to identify and treat those at risk for complications related to diabetes to provide better access to care and reduce the spread of this condition. In the following blog post, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center diabetes educator, Yahya Abdolcader, BSN, RN-CDE, PHN, shares some of the reasons he is personally invested in the work he is doing in the community.As a kid, I remember ... read full post


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