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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020
Insufficient identification and treatment of hypertension are leading causes of preventable maternal mortality and morbidity.


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By Angela Shippy | Thursday, May 03, 2018
Angela A. Shippy, MD, shares how having established procedures and performing frequent training can help equip caregivers with the knowledge and skill sets needed to effectively operate during pandemics, mass casualties, or natural disasters.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, May 04, 2017
Reliability is the ability of a system to successfully produce a product to specification repeatedly. In the case of health care, that “product” is safe, efficient, person-centered care. The challenge in achieving reliability in health care is the complexity of the processes, which heavily depend on human beings and their interactions with each other.


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By Frank Federico | Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017
A lot of patient safety work focuses on “projects" instead of taking the broad view. It's important to build the internal structure to avoid working in a vacuum. Without placing your work into the broader context of your organization's other efforts, you may have trouble keeping up momentum, making further improvement, or sustaining your gains.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Reliable Processes
By Kate DeBartolo | Tuesday, Nov 08, 2016
Health care has learned a lot about patient safety from the aviation industry. But what about zoos? Here are four tips for designing systems to prevent harm, whether in health care or in a zoo.


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