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By Tejal Gandhi | Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
By following best practice protocols enabled through the use of health information and technology, ambulatory practices can reduce negative patient outcomes, more effectively diagnosis chronic disease, and prevent harm.


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By Tejal Gandhi | Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017
The Closing the Loop: A Guide to Safer Ambulatory Referrals in the EHR Era report recommends actions clinicians, health care leaders, and EHR vendors can take to improve the health care referral process.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Primary Care, Community, Electronic Health Record (EHR)
By Donald Berwick | Friday, Nov 11, 2016
IHI Vice President Carol Haraden and IHI President Emeritus and Senior Fellow Don Berwick recently sat down for a far-ranging discussion about the current state and future of patient safety.


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By Mark Jarrett | Monday, Apr 04, 2016
There are many challenges that keep the EHR from becoming the quality and patient safety tool envisioned at the start of the century. One senior leader describes both the opportunities for improvement and reasons for hope.


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By Steve Tierney | Friday, Mar 25, 2016
When it comes to how health care organizations are working (or coping or struggling) with EHRs, it’s an understatement to say that we live in interesting times. What we once hoped would be a transformative tool for health care improvement is too often a source of confusion, frustration, and — worst of all — potential harm to patients.


Tag(s): Electronic Health Record (EHR), Leadership, IHI Leadership Alliance, Data and Measurement, Data Reporting and Analysis
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