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By Emma Robinson | Wednesday, Jan 08, 2020
Providence St. Joseph Health is putting system-wide approaches into place to improve maternal health and prevent maternal mortality.


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By Yael Gill | Friday, Oct 11, 2019
Hamida Sadick, a nurse midwife, won this year's IHI National Forum Bartley Memorial Scholarship for her work to improve HIV care. By intensifying health education, tracking missed appointments, and conducting home visits, an interdisciplinary QI team at the clinic achieved a tremendous reduction in transmission, as well as increased patient knowledge and visit attendance.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Maternal and Child Health, Quality Improvement, Africa
By Hagar Tomer | Thursday, Sep 12, 2019
Black women’s voices must be amplified to address structural racism and implicit bias in health care. Efforts to create a safer, more respectful maternal health experience for black women will benefit all women.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Equitable Care Delivery, Maternal and Child Health, Triple Aim for Populations, Communication, Teamwork, Patient- and Family-Centered Care
By Santiago Narino | Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
Engaging the perspective, knowledge, and expertise of women and their families who have been through pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood may be the key to effective and sustainable maternal health work.


Tag(s): Maternal and Child Health, Perinatal Care, Equitable Care Delivery, Person- and Family-Centered Care, engaging patients, Latin America
By Nadine Gelmar | Thursday, Aug 01, 2019
When women are discharged from the hospital after giving birth, they routinely receive information about caring for their baby, but not necessarily how to tell if they need medical attention themselves. This lack of information may be contributing to the US having the worst record of maternal deaths in the developed world.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Triple Aim for Populations, Maternal and Child Health
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