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By Nancy Iversen | Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018
If staff don't feel psychologically safe enough to speak up about risks to patient safety or opportunities for improvement, a health care organization may not know about all the problems they need to fix.


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By Michael Pugh | Thursday, Feb 15, 2018
The importance of core leaders (also known as middle managers) has often been overlooked. If you don’t include core leaders in improvement work, or if they don’t have the right skills or knowledge, you’re going to get limited returns on your efforts.


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By Tejal Gandhi | Thursday, Feb 08, 2018
Of the components that contribute to creating a lasting safety culture, trust, respect, and inclusion may be among the most difficult to sustain throughout an organization.


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By Trina Lorch | Thursday, Jan 11, 2018
Whether they’re managers, directors, senior directors, vice presidents, or chief quality officers, health care leaders are facing pressures in many directions: lowering costs, improving population health, and managing their health system’s patient satisfaction reputation in the age of online reviews.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017
Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success provides health care chief executive officers and other leaders with a useful tool for assessing and advancing their organization’s culture of safety.


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