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By Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey | Thursday, Oct 10, 2019
What are the keys to governing for quality around the globe? IHI's Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey, MD, MPH, shares his advice on establishing large-scale quality management systems.


Tag(s): Africa, Middle East, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Leadership, Governance
By Kevin Rooney | Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016
In three years working as IHI faculty in both Scotland and Qatar, I’ve heard one theme over and over: No, it won’t work here. We can’t do that. We’re different. But as it turns out, working in two very different countries has taught me that some strategies for promoting patient safety are universal.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Large-Scale Improvement, Middle East, Europe, Person- and Family-Centered Care
By Jesse McCall | Thursday, Jun 16, 2016
After attending the 4th Annual Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Doha, Qatar, IHI Senior Project and Regional Operations Manager Jesse McCall reflects on the patient safety progress made in Qatar over the last four years.


Tag(s): Middle East, Quality Improvement, Improvement Capability, Patient Safety
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