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By Paul Howard | Thursday, Apr 12, 2018
Even the most well-intended improvement efforts can fail because they haven’t considered the needs, preferences, and insights of patients. By using design thinking and co-design, quality improvement teams partner with patients to develop, test, and evaluate solutions to problems.


Tag(s): Engage Patients and Families in Improvement, Quality Improvement, Person- and Family-Centered Care
By America Bracho | Friday, Apr 06, 2018
America Bracho, MD, MPH, is the CEO of Latino Health Access, a center for health promotion and disease prevention in California. In this interview, she talks about how to look beyond the health care system for the answers to to chronic health problems like diabetes and obesity.


Tag(s): Chronic Condition, Equitable Care Delivery, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Triple Aim for Populations, Engage Patients and Families in Care, Engage Patients and Families in Improvement
By Gary Kaplan | Monday, Mar 12, 2018
Gary Kaplan, MD, chair of the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute, argues that health care must overcome the fear of change to reduce waste, control costs, improve quality and safety, and elevate the patient experience.


Tag(s): Leadership, Patient Safety, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Transparency
By Petrina McGrath | Wednesday, Mar 07, 2018
Petrina McGrath offers advice to aspiring nurse leaders: "Lead from wherever you stand in an organization. Get involved. Leadership is a practice."


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Nurse
By IHI Multimedia Team | Monday, Mar 05, 2018
“If you could break or change one rule in service of a better care experience for patients or staff, what would it be and why?” This simple is inspiring people in more than 240 organizations in 19 countries to rethink the rules and practices health care professionals are doing right now that have little or no effect on patient outcomes.


Tag(s): Leadership, Person- and Family-Centered Care, IHI Leadership Alliance
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