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By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Nov 03, 2017
This excerpt of IHI’s Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement white paper provides an overview of the IHI approach to quality improvement and Lean.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Jun 01, 2017
The upsurge in adoption of Lean methods in health care settings, following on the wide dissemination of the “IHI approach” to health care quality improvement over the past 25 years, has led some people to ask, “Which is better, the IHI approach or Lean?”


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By Mike Briddon | Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016
In case you missed them, here's a collection of content from September on burnout prevention and nurturing joy in the health care workforce, practical solutions to accelerate health equity, a video on the priority matrix improvement tool, a new Open School course on patient-centered care, hospital flow, and lean accounting.


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By Jeff Rakover | Thursday, Sep 15, 2016
Health care leaders need both clinical and financial data to address value in addition to quality. Lean Accounting tools - including the Box Score – may be especially useful to orthopedics and cardiovascular services.


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By Jeff Rakover | Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016
Intermountain Healthcare started applying Lean management principles to its work. After visiting other leading health systems, Intermountain decided to focus on standard work for frontline managers. They began implementing what IHI calls a high-performance management system and detailed how in the Sustaining Improvement white paper.


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