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By Evan Benjamin | Monday, Jan 22, 2018
ACOs were designed to create risk sharing, and provide financial incentives to lower total cost of care for a population, but given the uncertain future of payment mechanisms, we should focus on value for patients that will work in any payment system.


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By Trina Lorch | Thursday, Jan 11, 2018
Whether they’re managers, directors, senior directors, vice presidents, or chief quality officers, health care leaders are facing pressures in many directions: lowering costs, improving population health, and managing their health system’s patient satisfaction reputation in the age of online reviews.


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By Leonard Berry | Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018
Keynote speakers at the 2017 IHI National Forum highlighted elements essential for creating a fundamentally different health care system. They spoke of proximity, humility, shared purpose, trust, transparency, inclusion, empowered execution, and joy.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Jan 04, 2018
For the busy health care worker, it’s not easy to prioritize self-care. But the ability to pause and reset one’s focus is almost essential. Studies associate mindfulness — that is, the act of paying deliberate attention to the present moment — with improvements in empathy, cognitive performance, and health and well-being.


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By Kate Fitzpatrick | Thursday, Dec 21, 2017
To face the mounting challenges of delivering safe, quality care in a frenetic workplace, it is not enough to rely on clinical skills and the desire to do good. To protect against stress, burnout, and fatigue, health care professionals need training to be more resilient, present-minded, and compassionate toward patients and themselves.


Tag(s): Joy in Work
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