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By Hannah Lee Flath | Thursday, Aug 29, 2019
It's hard to find the time, resources, or capacity to do the necessary work of improvement and leading change. Three community organizing tips can help boost your efforts.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Teamwork, Open School, Psychology of Change
By Santiago Narino | Thursday, Apr 18, 2019
A health care leader used what she's learned about the psychology of change to increase psychological safety and enhance joy in work in her critical care unit.


Tag(s): Psychology of Change, Joy in Work, Latin America, Psychological Safety
By Shobhan Thakore | Thursday, Apr 11, 2019
A quality improvement leader shares how his introduction to IHI's Psychology of Change Framework challenged him to ensure that his teaching addresses the human side of change.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Psychology of Change, Improvement Capability
By Julia Moore | Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019
A proponent of motivational interviewing - a technique that helps people recognize when they want to change - shares how it aligns with IHI's Psychology of Change Framework.


Tag(s): Psychology of Change, Quality Improvement
By Jason Leitch | Thursday, Feb 21, 2019
Jason Leitch is Scotland’s National Clinical Director for Healthcare Quality and Strategy. In the following interview, he describes why activating people's agency - no matter who you are or what you're doing - is essential for improvement.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Psychology of Change
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