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By IHI Multimedia Team | Wednesday, May 13, 2020
To improve health care for seniors and lower costs, the West Health Institute and IHI collaborated to develop innovative responses to seniors’ unplanned acute health events.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Home Care, Avoidable ED Visits, Triple Aim for Populations, Accountable Care Organization, quality cost and value
By Molly Bogan | Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019
How do evolving approaches to cost affect health equity, joy in work, and shared decision-making? IHI’s Molly Bogan, a leader of work on lowering health care costs while maintaining or improving quality for patients, shares insights on health care’s transition from fee-for-service to value-based care in a new interview.


Tag(s): quality cost and value, Efficiency and Waste Reduction, Quality Improvement, Accountable Care Organization, Avoidable ED Visits, Person- and Family-Centered Care, Complex Needs, Joy in Work, Quality, Cost, and Value
By Liane Wardlow | Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018
When seniors experience an acute medical event, calling 911 is not always be advisable. Providing acute care in the home may be the best way to provide safer, less costly care that better matches patients' wishes.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Home Care, Avoidable ED Visits, Quality, Cost, and Value, Triple Aim for Populations, Accountable Care Organization
By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018
As IHI's Chief Operations and North America Programs Officer, Trissa Torres, MD, draws from her experience as part of an original Triple Aim prototyper and Pioneer ACO.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Triple Aim - The Best Care for the Whole Population at the Lowest Cost, Quality, Cost, and Value, Equitable Care Delivery, Accountable Care Organization, Leadership
By Jo Ann Endo | Monday, Jan 22, 2018
ACOs were designed to create risk sharing, and provide financial incentives to lower total cost of care for a population, but given the uncertain future of payment mechanisms, we should focus on value for patients that will work in any payment system.


Tag(s): Accountable Care Organization, Quality, Cost, and Value, Equitable Care Delivery, Joy in Work
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