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By Derek Feeley | Tuesday, Jun 05, 2018
People from all over the world are studying Scotland's success in improving patient safety nationwide. Drawing upon his experience leading the Scottish Patient Safety Program, IHI CEO Derek Feeley urges health care leaders to ask key questions to determine their organization's readiness to do what’s necessary to make large-scale improvement.


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By Marie Schall | Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018
How did two distinct quality improvement initiatives design for scale? The leaders of these nationwide efforts explain.


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By Abe Wandersman | Friday, Sep 22, 2017
Unlike most evaluations, which assess a program’s effectiveness after the program is over, the SCALE evaluation provided rapid-cycle performance feedback to aid ongoing improvement. It used a method based on the empowerment evaluation approach to put the tools of accountability into the hands of the people doing the work.


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By Soma Stout | Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017
People around the US are demonstrating how to lead culture change and sustainable improvement in health, wellbeing, and equity as part of the 100 Million Healthier Lives Scaling Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) initiative.


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By Derek Feeley | Thursday, May 11, 2017
IHI President and CEO Derek Feeley recently saw firsthand the work IHI is doing in Ethiopia. He came away with three lessons that can help inform large-scale improvement work anywhere in the world: think strategically to guide you through uncertain times; use quality improvement to empower staff; and be open to learning from others.


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