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By IHI Multimedia Team | Tuesday, Mar 03, 2020
When scaling up an improvement, it is tempting to assume you can accomplish the same result widely by simply doing the exact same thing. To scale up and sustain change, adaptation is essential.


Tag(s): Psychology of Change, Large-Scale Improvement, Spreading Changes, Quality Improvement
By Helen Bevan | Tuesday, May 14, 2019
How can health care provide both personalized care while also improving care or health for a large population? Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Horizons England, describes some promising possibilities.


Tag(s): Person- and Family-Centered Care, Large-Scale Improvement, Spreading Changes, Quality Improvement
By Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey | Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018
Placing quality at the heart of the universal health coverage is essential. IHI's Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey, MD, MPH, shares the strategies needed to to move beyond merely universal access to guarantee quality care for all.


Tag(s): Leadership, Quality Improvement, Africa, Large-Scale Improvement
By Niñon Lewis | Thursday, Aug 02, 2018
By introducing the basic quality improvement tools and methodology to nearly 100 notprofit organizations from seven counties across the region, the POINT initiative helped raise people out of poverty by finding them jobs, stable housing, and other resources needed to become self-sufficient.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Large-Scale Improvement, Quality Improvement
By Sarah Szanton | Thursday, Jul 19, 2018
Individuals with complex needs live in many different places — institutional and assisted living residences, group or congregate homes, the homes of family or friends, and even shelters, vehicles, or on the street. But what does this mean for complex care programs? Three special needs health plans are examining how they might weave additional home-based support into their care models for older adults living at home with functional limitations.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Large-Scale Improvement, Quality Improvement
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