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By Gonzalo Garrido Lecca | Thursday, Dec 15, 2016
To improve our understanding of health equity in Peru, IHI reached out to Raul Cordero, MD, Medical Director of the Clínica Anglo Americana. During the conversation, Dr. Cordero noted the differences in access, quality of care, and outcomes between the private and public sector in Peru for cancer patients.


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By John Gauthier | Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014
Martha Hayward is IHI's Lead for Patient and Public Engagement and is involved in IHI's Always Events initative. Listen to her on a recent WIHI on Recognizing Person- and Family-Centered Care.On the morning of my bilateral mastectomy, my husband and I checked in at hospital admissions at 6am. As the woman behind the desk put the hospital bracelet on my wrist she asked, “Why are you here today?”The words were hard to say. The diagnosis process had taken over two months before they discovered thre ... read full post


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By Alex Anderson | Friday, Aug 03, 2012
 Three months ago, I joined my family in remembering our cousin and friend, Harriet Berman. At Harriet’s funeral, her children celebrated her life in many ways. Among the many stories and reflections, one message stood out to me: Harriet deeply disliked the language used to describe the experience of being a cancer patient—being a victim of cancer. Fighting a battle with cancer. Living as a survivor of cancer.  Harriet did not like the implications of the language. Battling something implies the ... read full post


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