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By Sara Kramer | Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020
A physician learns that running a patient education QI project is not the same as conducting traditional scientific research.


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By Lauren Macy | Friday, Jan 24, 2020
Using a tool like the Sustainability Planning Worksheet can help your hard-won improvements last.


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By Kathy Duncan | Friday, Jan 10, 2020
We wouldn’t expect a child, pet, or plant to thrive on its own. We shouldn’t expect quality improvement to either. Kathy Duncan offers tips on how to nurture health care quality improvement efforts without micromanaging.


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By Mike Briddon | Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019
There’s no shortage of ideas coming your way. As you read that first sentence, two or three emails may have just forced their way into your overcrowded in-box. So how do you know which ideas are worth your time? Which ones will leave some sort of an imprint (even a very small one) on you? This is our annual effort to help you cut through the clutter.


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By Jennifer Lenoci-Edwards | Wednesday, Dec 04, 2019
Health system executives often spend most of their time putting out fires, leaving little time or energy for planning strategic aims. Another approach - called quality planning - builds on an organization’s assets, opportunities, and structure to create a proactive quality strategy.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Leadership, Improvement Capability
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