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By Julia Nagy | Tuesday, Jun 04, 2019
The 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative (a multi-partner effort convened by IHI) has unveiled a new measurement framework to help communities, nonprofits, health care systems, and the federal government coordinate their population health efforts.


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By Michael Hanak | Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018
Rush University Medical Center decided to analyze their own data to see if there were disparities in the care they were providing. What they learned led them to find out more from patients and communities about how Rush could partner with others to provide better care to more people.


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By Gayle Squires | Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017
Hospitals are not restaurants or hotels, and patients are not diners on vacation, but the health care industry can take lessons from other settings, adapt them to our own unique environment, and improve our operations and patient experience of care.


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By Abe Wandersman | Friday, Sep 22, 2017
Unlike most evaluations, which assess a program’s effectiveness after the program is over, the SCALE evaluation provided rapid-cycle performance feedback to aid ongoing improvement. It used a method based on the empowerment evaluation approach to put the tools of accountability into the hands of the people doing the work.


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Aug 11, 2017
At IHI, we teach that successful measurement is a cornerstone of successful improvement. That’s clear and relatively straightforward when we’re focused on infection rates, wait times, or patient falls. But how can you measure something like joy in work?


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