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By Frank Federico | Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019
Designed and tested by IHI’s world-renowned safety experts, the Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit can help you improve teamwork and communication, understand the underlying issues that can cause errors, and create and maintain reliable systems. In the following interview, IHI Vice President Frank Federico, RPh, provides an overview of how to put the toolkit to good use.


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By Joshua Eng | Friday, Dec 14, 2018
During the last 12 months, we tackled both new and familiar topics and created hundreds of blog posts, videos, and publications. You may recall some of them, but perhaps you missed a few. Which ones do we think are worth revisiting?


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By IHI Multimedia Team | Friday, Dec 01, 2017
Root cause analysis (RCA) is widely used to learn how and why medical errors occurred, but their success has been inconsistent. Improving their effectiveness requires concentration on preventing future harm. Prevention requires action, and so a panel of experts renamed the process Root Cause Analyses and Actions, or RCA2 (RCA “squared”).


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By Mike Briddon | Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017
IHI’s Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit includes the tools and templates you need to launch and manage a successful health care improvement project. Each of the ten tools in the toolkit includes a short description, instructions, an example, and a blank template.


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By John Gauthier | Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014
Martha Hayward is IHI's Lead for Patient and Public Engagement and is involved in IHI's Always Events initative. Listen to her on a recent WIHI on Recognizing Person- and Family-Centered Care.On the morning of my bilateral mastectomy, my husband and I checked in at hospital admissions at 6am. As the woman behind the desk put the hospital bracelet on my wrist she asked, “Why are you here today?”The words were hard to say. The diagnosis process had taken over two months before they discovered thre ... read full post


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