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By Beth Gustafson Wheeler | Thursday, Jan 30, 2020
Hospitals across New Hampshire have come together in an unprecedented effort to collaborate and advance population health, using tools and resources from the Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) movement.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Community, Equitable Care Delivery
By Derek Feeley | Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
Considering theories, methods, practices, and ideas from outside health care helps us take the adage about “all teach, all learn” to its proper conclusion. After all, we don’t mean that only those in health care can teach or learn.


Tag(s): Leadership, Patient Safety, Quality Imporvement, Equitable Care Delivery, Psychology of Change
By Nokuthula Portia Zulu | Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020
As part of the South Africa Tuberculosis Quality Improvement, IHI Improvement Officer Portia Zulu supports leaders and coaches facility teams on QI. She found that being in district offices, rather than externally, helped her do this work by better positioning her to make field visits, access data, share learnings, and engage leadership.


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By Lauren Macy | Friday, Jan 24, 2020
Using a tool like the Sustainability Planning Worksheet can help your hard-won improvements last.


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By Joelle Baehrend | Thursday, Jan 23, 2020
It’s challenging to coordinate work to improve health, well-being, and health equity. New Pathways to Population Health tools and resources can help.


Tag(s): Triple Aim for Populations, Community, Behavioral Health, Psychology of Change, Equitable Care Delivery
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