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By Nadine Gelmar | Thursday, Aug 01, 2019
When women are discharged from the hospital after giving birth, they routinely receive information about caring for their baby, but not necessarily how to tell if they need medical attention themselves. This lack of information may be contributing to the US having the worst record of maternal deaths in the developed world.


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By Peter Lachman | Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019
Respect and empower your team members. Care for the people who care for others. Dr. Peter Lachman, CEO of the International Society for Quality in Health Care, shares these messages and other pieces of wisdom from his experience leading QI teams around the world.


Tag(s): Africa, Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety
By Neil Baker | Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019
Psychological safety research indicates that whether or not people feel they can speak openly with their supervisors about their concerns or challenges significantly impacts learning, innovation, and performance.


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By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Jul 25, 2019
IHI President and CEO Derek Feeley recommends four things health care leaders can do to ensure their organization’s IT efforts improve patient care and promote joy in work.


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By Molly Bogan | Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019
How do evolving approaches to cost affect health equity, joy in work, and shared decision-making? IHI’s Molly Bogan, a leader of work on lowering health care costs while maintaining or improving quality for patients, shares insights on health care’s transition from fee-for-service to value-based care in a new interview.


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