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By IHI Multimedia Team | Monday, Jul 01, 2019
Providing optimal care for older adults - also known as "age-friendly" care - prevents harm and enhances the experience of care. Providing age-friendly care can also benefit an organization's bottom line.


Tag(s): Age-Friendly Health Systems, Geriatrics, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Quality, Cost, and Value, What Matters
By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Jun 27, 2019
More than 700 women die each year in the US because of pregnancy or delivery complications. Despite these appalling numbers, there aren't enough health care leaders making maternal health and maternal mortality a top priority.


Tag(s): Perinatal Care, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Equitable Care Delivery, Triple Aim for Populations, Maternal and Child Health, Leadership
By Moses Enock | Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019
Share knowledge and skills. Adapt the model for your context. Make use of data. Network. When Moses Enock, a registered nurse and Improvement Advisor, took home these QI lessons from the IHI National Forum, he implemented a virtual QI coaching system to achieve results despite limited resources.


Tag(s): Africa, Improvement Capability, Quality Improvement, IHI National Forum
By Frank Federico | Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019
Designed and tested by IHI’s world-renowned safety experts, the Patient Safety Essentials Toolkit can help you improve teamwork and communication, understand the underlying issues that can cause errors, and create and maintain reliable systems. In the following interview, IHI Vice President Frank Federico, RPh, provides an overview of how to put the toolkit to good use.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Improvement Capability, Tools
By Susannah Berlowe Binder | Thursday, Jun 20, 2019
A college intern shares why reading a recent IHI report on Advancing the Safety of Acute Pain Management compelled her to reflect on how commonly opioids are prescribed for young adults.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Substance Use Disorder, Person- and Family-Centered Care
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