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By Paul Binfield | Monday, Jul 30, 2018
Many health care organizations want to know how to engage patients and families as equal partners in quality improvement, but they don't know how.


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By Joshua Eng | Thursday, Jul 26, 2018
How do you improve behavioral health in the emergency department? Panelists from the July 12 WIHI Broadcast share advice from their own experiences.


Tag(s): Behavioral Health, Improve ED Flow by Improving Behavioral Health Care, ED - Emergency Department, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety
By IHI Multimedia Team | Thursday, Jul 26, 2018
Caring for patients in their homes holds many potential benefits, but making sure that care is safe hasn’t received the attention it deserves. A new safety report looks into safety in the home and how we can improve it.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Home Care, Home and Community Care Expertise, Community
By David Williams | Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018
Quality improvement is about learning and using data to predict future performance, but is your organisation using data correctly? IHI’s Senior Lead for Quality Improvement Methods, David M. Williams, answers the important questions everyone is asking, such as why do we need it, how much is required, and what can we use it for?


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Improvement Capability, Leadership
By Wanda Hambrick | Monday, Jul 23, 2018
How do you become a patient safety leader? A participant in the IHI Patient Safety Executive Development Program shares her advice.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Joy in Work, Leadership
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