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By Derek Feeley | Thursday, Mar 29, 2018
Conventional thinking encourages leaders to think of themselves as heroes who need to act alone to save the day. But no leader has all the answers. No health care leader who wants to create viable, sustainable solutions and avoid burnout can afford to go it alone.


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By Michael Hanak | Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018
Rush University Medical Center decided to analyze their own data to see if there were disparities in the care they were providing. What they learned led them to find out more from patients and communities about how Rush could partner with others to provide better care to more people.


Tag(s): Equitable Care Delivery, Measurement for Improvement, Triple Aim for Populations, Pursuing Equity
By Santiago Narino | Friday, Mar 23, 2018
Using their quality improvement training, teams from Mexico have incorporated the human touch into their work to improve diabetes care. Targeted home visits, free instant messaging apps, nutrition education, and motivational workshops are just a few of the ways they've built relationships with patients and developed their capacity to better care for themselves at home.


Tag(s): Quality Improvement, Diabetes, Chronic Condition, Improvement Capability, Latin America, Engage Patients and Families in Care, Triple Aim for Populations
By Tejal Gandhi | Thursday, Mar 22, 2018
Three big, interrelated challenges in patient safety — diagnostic error, ambulatory patient safety, and health information technology — offer lessons in why looking at the big patient safety picture is necessary to progress in targeted areas.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Community, Health Information Technology (HIT), Adverse Event
By Nancy Iversen | Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018
If staff don't feel psychologically safe enough to speak up about risks to patient safety or opportunities for improvement, a health care organization may not know about all the problems they need to fix.


Tag(s): Patient Safety, Culture of Safety, Leadership
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